Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

Enabling MVNOs

Helping MVNOs to unlock the potential of the telecommunications market with Telafrica Mobile’s MVNE solutions. We provide the essential infrastructure and support for MVNO success.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Robust network infrastructure for seamless MVNO operations.

Billing Solutions

Streamlined billing systems tailored to MVNO needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Expert guidance to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Partner with us for rapid deployment

We enable businesses, big or small, to launch their MVNO services swiftly with our ready-to-deploy infrastructure.

Unlock your MVNO’s potential with Telafrica Mobile:

At Telafrica Mobile, we offer a comprehensive suite of MVNE services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Accelerated time-to-market.
Cost-efficient infrastructure.
Regulatory compliance expertise.
Scalable solutions for growth.

Why Us?

As a licensed telecommunications provider with offices in Mauritius and South Africa, Telafrica Mobile stands at the forefront of innovative MVNE services, empowering businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of mobile connectivity.
We serve as the backbone that enables MVNOs to enter the market swiftly and efficiently, without the need to invest heavily in network infrastructure or backend systems.

One Telecom

One Telecom, Telafrica’s in-house MVNO, leverages eSIM technology for seamless operator switching, revolutionizing retail operations across Africa with a futureproof alternative to traditional SIM cards.